10 Best PUBG Mobile Weapons & Their Specifications

Using weapons in PUBG Mobile is easy and easy. If you want to know how to use the best types of weapons in the PUBG Mobile game, then it is appropriate to read this article because here we discuss about the problem.

PUBG Mobile Weapons

Here will be discussed various weapons classes and specifications, ranging from the pros and cons of the weapon to an explanation of the best type of PUBG weapons in various situations and also the specifications of these weapons.


Hopefully, this guide can make you have a strong understanding of the best types of weapons and their specifications in the PUBG Mobile game. Immediately, here it is the 10 best types of weapons in PUBG Mobile and how to use and specifications.

In PUBG Mobile, apart from a gun, a shotgun is one of the worst firearms, but does not apply to Tyrant Zombie . Shotgun is one of the PUBG weapons that is diseased to kill the Zombie Boss, fired very slowly, used at close range, with high damage. This firearm can be used for one hit kill in a very short distance. However, in the middle or far distance it is very poor.

Just like a gun, a shotgun should be used as the last option or at least two of the last when compared to a gun. If you insist that you still want to use a shotgun, then what is recommended is S12K. The reason is because this shotgun has a relatively faster shot speed than other shotguns, even though the damage is smaller.

Types of Sniper Rifle Weapons

Long range rifles or sniper rifles are very powerful in PUBG Mobile. This type of firearm is used to bring down opponents quickly. This gun only requires a single bullet to drop an opponent or one hit kill. The user must be able to use it well if you want one hit kill, especially training the accuracy to shoot the head.

There are situations where we cannot get a one hit kill, such as the enemy wearing body armor. If your skills are good, then at least two bullets are used when you want to take down enemies who use body armor. Even so, one hit kill still applies if you can shoot the head. The best long-range shotgun at PUBG recommended is AWM because it has the highest damage. However, this weapon is only available in a booty box.

Type of Assault Rifle

Assault Rifle is known as the most versatile weapon in various situations in PUBG Mobile. How to use this PUBG Mobile weapon is to fire it at long, medium and close range attacks. At close range, this weapon can be used quickly to end an opponent. At medium and long distances, this weapon can be accurately used to kill moving enemies.

Even so, still the assault rifle has disadvantages. This weapon cannot be used to defeat opponents in one single shot, both in long, medium and close distances. That function is in the long-range shotgun or sniper rifle.

Assault rifles must always be in your cargo, besides other weapons that you like because the reliability of these weapons in PUBG Mobile is very good. Among the many assault rifles available in the game, the AKM is most recommended for use. The reason is because this weapon has a high level of damage, and is easy to use.

Type of SMG Weapons

The type of Sub Machine Gun firearms in the PUBG Mobile game are the other best firearms that you must have besides the assault rifles. SMG has a fast attack speed, and when used almost has no recoil. However, Sub Machine Gun is not good in long range attacks.

This weapon is best used in close combat. SMG should be an option as a backup weapon from assault rifles. All SMGs are almost the same, but if you have to choose, the recommended ones are UMP and Tommy Gun. The reason is because both of them have better range, accuracy, and damage than other Sub Machine Guns.

DMR Weapon Type

The Designated Marksman Rifle is a hybrid firearm between sniper rifles and assault rifles. In PUBG Mobile, some of the DMRs are Mini 14, MK14, SKS, and VSS. This firearm can be used further than an assault rifle with higher damage with a low recoil.

Designated Marksman Rifles must be mastered and used in addition to assault rifles because of the flexibility of their use. The most recommended in the DMR class is MK14. Unfortunately, this weapon is only available in airdrops.

Types of Pistol Weapons

Guns are not recommended for use as primary weapons when fighting in PUBG Mobile. Handguns are only recommended for use when there are no other firearms that can be used. This combat tool has too weak a destructive force, and its usefulness at the end of the PUBG Mobile game is very small.

The gun should be taken if you find it the first time after landing. However, replace the firearm immediately when you find other firearms. All types of pistol weapons are just as bad, so just take any one.

LMG Weapon Type

Light Machine Gun (LMG) is one of the best types of weapons in PUBG. Some LMG weapons in PUBG are DP-28 and M249. The advantage of Light Machine Gun compared to other weapons is that this weapon has the fastest fire rate among all other types of weapons in the PUBG game and the damage is greater than AR. Light Machine Gun is famous for being strong but it is very difficult to be controlled by new players because of its large recoil.

Grenade type

One of the best types of weapons in PUBG is throwable weapons, namely Grenades. This grenade type weapon is a weapon that you use by throwing it in the direction or target you want. Throwable weapons are more familiarly known as grenades and one unit can only be used once.

Grenades are one of the best and most destructive weapons ever. Although small, this one weapon you must always carry anytime anywhere when playing PUBG Mobile. Grenades can help you kill many enemies at once, and grenades can also help your teammates escape from enemies. So it is not surprising that even the pro players, never forget to always carry a grenade when entering the battle arena.

Types of Melee Weapons

The Melee type in PUBG Mobile is a melee weapon that you can use to hit or even kill your opponents. This weapon is very useful when you are in a situation that requires you to fight at close range. A good use of melee weapons can make you kill enemies easily and without sound. It’s just for Pan (Pan), this weapon has a special effect where this weapon can withstand fire, both while being used or placed behind.

Type of Crossbow Weapon

Crossbow is one of the best weapons in the PUBG game with close to middle range, and is included in the category of weapons that have large damage. Crossbow has 105 damage and range of firepower from 50 meters to 400 meters. In terms of damage, this weapon is quite effective for killing enemies with just one shot. If it hits the head, it can even penetrate into a Spetsnaz class helmet!

Thus the tutorial types, specifications and how to use weapons in PUBG Mobile, which weapon or rifle do you think is best? Hopefully this information can help improve your game. Don’t forget, keep on checking the latest information about PUBG, and mobile games only at bestgamingnews.com!

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