4 These Items Are Not Useful When Playing PUBG Mobile Games

PUBG Mobile is one of the most played games today. Reportedly, more than 400 million users have played the game. The game itself starts when the player gets off the plane. After that, players competing for weapons.

When hunting weapons, there are certainly many items scattered about to help survival during the battle. Important items include helmets, vests and bags. But there are some items that are not very useful during the battle.

pubg not useful item

Following we summarizes the four items that are not important when playing PUBG Mobile.

The first is a Stunt Grenade. There are three types of grenades in the PUBG Mobile game: smoke grenades, frag grenades, and stun grenades.

However, most players often ignore or don’t need Stunt Grenades when playing. The reason for leaving a Stunt Grenade is quite simple, these items are rarely used in the game.

In addition, Stunt Grenades also require a lot of space compared to smoke grenades or frag grenades.

The next item is the R1895 Pistol. When you first enter a building you will sometimes find lots of pistols, one of which is an R1895 handgun.

The gun is completely useless in the PUBG Mobile game . R1895 requires a long time to recoil.

Third and Fourth Items

The third item is Gas Can. These items are used to operate the vehicle, but they do make the bag full faster.

While the players will most likely find a vehicle once every 700-800 meters and there is fuel. So the item doesn’t need to be taken while playing PUBG Mobile.

The last item is Mag Quickdraw. These items are practically useless because many players prefer to use Mag Extended instead of Mag Quickdraw.

Mag Extended helps players carry more bullets, while Mag Quickdraw only helps reduce recoil time.

Here’s an explanation of four less useful items in the PUBG Mobile game. Good luck.

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