Blue Vpn/ Free Proxy Network, Cách Fake Ip Mỹ Để Lấy Quà Miễn Phí Pubg Mobile

How to fake ip US PUBG Mobile this time will give gamers lots of rewards when logging in or completing tasks in the game.

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The fake ip to receive gifts in PUBG Mobile is no stranger to many gamers. This will help gamers not to load cards with additional items or money to buy skins in the game.

Players have the rewards from Fake IP Taiwan, Fake IP Russia, Fake IP Israel . to receive gifts in PUBG Mobile.

Currently, Tencent is organizing PUBG Mobile gamers in many countries, including the US. Players can choose fake IP to North American countries or fake ip to India to receive rewards from missions during the Summer Challenge event this time.

The reward for this event Summer Challenge gamer includes pieces of crates, skin guns, pieces of silver, costumes, quest cards Royale Pass . Here are instructions to fake American ip to receive PUBG Mobile rewards.

How to fake ip US to receive free gift PUBG Mobile

First you need to have the tool to fake American ip, which is the Speedify Bonding VPN application. You can now download this app on Android and iOS.

Speedify Bonding VPN for AndroidSpeedify Bonding VPN for iOS


Next, start up the Bonding VPN application, click agree to the terms of Bonding VPN and choose Install the Speedify VPN Profile and one of the two options below. Allows Bonding VPN to access the location or enable app notifications. After clicking Continue .


When entering the main interface of Bonding VPN, please select the gear icon to select the country you want to fake IP. Next in the list of countries, select United States (United States).


Go to the game interface, click Event .

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Next select Time Limit> Summer Challenge> Play Now to enter the task list.


The first item will be Redeem rewards , this section will contain a list of items that you can buy with SC coins (Summer Credit) in the right corner. I currently have 200 SC, you can do quests or log in regularly to get this SC and buy Skin or costume below.


The second item is Firepower , which tells you what tasks to do in the day to receive rewards in the bar below. My mission is to use Groza in battle (classic mode).


The following is Login Reward , which only requires you to work on attendance every day and will receive very valuable gifts, including SC (Summer Credit).


The next item is quite attractive with very valuable rewards, but this item will not receive regular rewards because to win, you must reach a new rank.

Here I am in a silver rank so I get rewarded, next is gold rank. The SC numbers received here are also quite attractive.


Finally, Clan Assembly, with this item, you will be given the task to receive the reward every day. For example, completing a match when entering the TOP 5 with your Clan member, completing 5 TDM battles .

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With PUBG Mobile”s fake ip ip, it is possible for some people to experience lag when playing PUBG Mobile because ping will be high. So if you want to complete your tasks easily, you need to have a fast and stable transmission.

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