Considered Negative Impact, Jordan Blocks PUBG Mobile

After Iraq, Nepal, and the Gurajat district of India, Jordan decided to block the PUBG Mobile game. Because the games battle is considered more of a negative impact for the citizens of Jordan.

PUBG Mobile Lite

Games that are often called similar to the film The Hunger Games are indeed pitting each player to shoot each other. The player who lasts the longest is considered to be the winner.

Despite being blocked in many countries, PUBG Mobile is the most famous game in the world. Quoting the NDTV Gadget, Monday (07/08/2019), a source at the Jordan Telecommunications Authority warned that this game has various negative impacts.

“The number of negative effects that have made PUBG Mobile blocked,” said the source.

Jordanian civil servants are advised not to play PUBG Mobile.

In China, last May, the publisher of the PUBG Mobile Tencent game offered a game overhaul. Because the PUBG Mobile game is considered to contain violence.

Even so, the modified game is still similar to PUBG Mobile offered globally.

For your information, PUBG Mobile is a very popular game in Jordan. Jordanian institutions and ministries have also issued warnings to employees not to play the game.

Triggers Violence and Bullying

In fact, psychologists in Jordan have repeatedly warned that this game contains violent content and encourages users to act violently.

In fact, among adolescents, Jordanian psychologists say, this game is a trigger for acts of bullying .

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