New Release 3 Days, PUBG Mobile Lite Downloaded 10 Million Times

The developer of the popular battle royal game Tencent, recently released the PUBG Mobile Lite game. This PUBG Mobile Lite game is available for low-end smartphones that have between 1 and 2GB of RAM. Like the PUBG Mobile game, the PUBG Mobile Lite application is quickly becoming one of the most popular applications on the Google Play Store.

PUBG Mobile Lite

In fact, quoting the Digit page , Thursday (1/8/2019), the PUBG Mobile Lite application has now been accused of more than 10 million times.

In its official statement, PUBG said, “PUBG Mobile Lite managed to get attention by becoming the number one application on the Google Play Store, in just three days after it was released.”

PUBG developers say, this is actually not too surprising, because the PUBG Mobile Lite game developed with Unreal Engine 4 technology is quite compatible with a variety of devices, including devices with small RAM.

“It is this ability that is gaining the attention of millions of fans around the world,” said PUBG

About PUBG Mobile Lite

About PUBG Mobile Lite

For your information, the PUBG Mobile Lite game has a large file size of only 491MB. However, the game presented is almost the same.

The difference, PUBG Mobile Lite comes with a smaller map and a smaller number of players.

If in PUBG Mobile there are 100 players on maps, in PUBG Mobile Lite, there are only 60 players in action in one match.

In terms of texture and appearance of the game, in PUBG Mobile Lite there are some details that are not shown. For example when at home, there are some furniture that is not displayed.

Simplified Gym Field

Apart from that, the game field is simpler. Graphically it also runs at a lower resolution.

It is said that the foliage at this gym allows the player to hide well so the enemy is not suspicious.

Meanwhile, other elements such as smoke grenades and vehicles also function as in PUBG Mobile.

The best part about PUBG Mobile Lite is that it runs smoothly and responsively on devices with 1GB of RAM.

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