PUBG Game Will Attend Story Mode

PlayerUnknown Battlegrounds ( PUBG ) Gim now become one of the games that are popular among both mobile gamers or PC. Because of its popularity, the game developer will try to bring something new.

Citing the Ubergizmo page, Saturday (05/29/2019), PUBG developers will present a narrative experience for users. Currently, PUBG is developing story mode for the entire PUBG Universe.

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That is, both the user PUBG PC version and PUBG Mobile will miss the story mode of this.

The confirmation appeared in an announcement from PUBG which stated that Sledgehammer Co-Founder Glen Schofield had joined PUBG to run a new studio called Striking Distance.

Mentioned, Schofield became the CEO of Stiking Distante, a new game development studio. For your information, this Striking Distance will work on the narrative experience for PUBG Universe.

So far, PUBG is a battle roy game that focuses on multiplayer experiences.

Where, the players must compete to win the game by defeating the entire opposing team. The team that survives until the end is declared the winner of the PUBG game.

Presenting Different Experiences for PUBG Players

However, the PUBG game does not have a story about the reason and purpose of the fight. Therefore, this narrative experience project will add a different perspective for PUBG players.

“Throughout my career, I have had many opportunities to create extraordinary games that tell extraordinary stories. Each has something special for me,” said Schofield, as quoted by Venture Beat.

He said, the experience of developing games and narrative stories would help Schofield build a team that could explore new designs and concepts in Striking Distance.

There is no Story Mode leak

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So far, there is no detail or clarity whether Striking Distance will present a complete story mode for PUBG or become a game that is completely different from before.

For your information, Scofield has a lot of experience working on narrative-based game projects. He has led work on several games, one of which is Call of Duty.

Of course, Schofield’s task will now be a heavy responsibility, to divert the attention of players from the battle roy to the game experience that is driven by narration.

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