PUBG Mobile: Weapons to Play on Miramar Map

PUBG Mobile players often get great titles if they can master close, medium or long range battles. The players will find a lot of weapons when the game is in progress.

If lucky, the player can find a weapon that he likes. Players must be smart to choose the weapons found. Although there are many types of weapons, players can only carry two weapons during battle.

pubg mobile weapon

Players must be able to choose weapons that must be carried and thrown away. In addition, not all maps in PUBG Mobile have many weapons that players want.

On some maps players will find it difficult to find certain weapons because the amount is minimal. Players need to have other options if they cannot get the desired weapon.

Next we summarizes alternative weapons that you can use while on the Miramar map.

The first weapon is Winchester 94. Weapons are often called Win94 type Bolt Action Sniper Rifle. The weapon has a high bullet speed and enough power to knock out an opponent.

This weapon is arguably difficult to use, because it cannot be paired with Scope like other Sniper Rifles. However, PUBG Mobile players can use Iron Sight if you want to incapacitate enemies remotely. That means Win94 only excels in mid range battles.

Must Really Master

The next weapon is R45. These weapons include revolver type pistols. R45 is suitable for players who prefer to play single hits.

Like Win94, R45 can also be equipped with Iron Sight and red dot. So you have to really master the weapon if you don’t want to be eliminated earlier than the game.

However, the two weapons mentioned above are just another alternative if you have difficulty finding the desired weapon. Both of these weapons can be easily found when you are in Miramar.

So, you can still prioritize the best weapons like Scar-L, M416, MK47 and others.


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