Saudi Arabia Holds PUBG Mobile Tournament

Saudi Arabia is holding the Jeddah Season festival this year. This festival is an event for the country’s government to introduce Saudi Arabia as one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world.

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One of the events held in this festival is the PUBG Mobile tournament. This event was held by the General Sports Authority or the government agency responsible for sports.

Quoted from Arab News , Wednesday (6/26/2019), the PUBG Mobile tournament was held from 15 to 21 June. The winner in this tournament was Sunday Uz Zaman who defeated 49 other participants.

The 20-year-old man said that he was still a student and indeed spent a lot of time playing PUBG Mobile . He also claimed to be often scolded by the mother for these habits.

“My mother is often angry asking why I always play this game all the time. So, I am very happy to be able to use PUBG Mobile’s capabilities (for tournaments) and make it happy,” he said.

The tournament that was held was not only PUBG Mobile, but also several other game titles, such as Tekken, Super Smash Bros and Fifa. Participants in this tournament are also diverse, not only men but also women.

One of them is Lujain Mohammed who said that this tournament was the first time he entered the competition. He said that since he was a kid, he really liked playing video games.

A number of participants also welcomed the PUBG Mobile tournament . The participant named Amani Al-Ghoraibi claimed the tournament was good because it allowed PUBG Mobile fans to meet and share their playing experiences.

Iraq Officially Block Fortnite and PUBG

Apart from that, the PUBG game apparently doesn’t always get a positive reception in the middle east. The proof, the Iraqi government has decided to ban the Fornite and PUBG games from circulating in the country.

Quoted from Reuters via PC Gamers , Thursday (04/25/2019), the negative impact of the game has an impact on the health, culture and security of the Iraqi people.

Not only that, this game is also said to bring negative values ​​of social factors and moral threats to children, including teenagers.

Moqtada al-Sadr, a cleric and former militia chief of the Mahdi Army also gave a warning, the PUBG game is making players addicted and he is asking the government to ban the circulation of the game in Iraq.

“What do you get, if you kill one or two people in the PUBG game? This game is not an intelligence game or a military game that provides the right way to fight,” al-Sadr said last week.

The Iraqi government’s decision caused a negative reaction from its citizens, according to news circulating this was triggered not because its citizens could not play the game Fornite and PUBG anymore.

Asked to Focus on More Important Problems

Furthermore, this problem started because Iraqis felt that the decision to ban the game should not be the main decision that the government was concerned about.

The government must focus on sectarian violence, lack of infrastructure, and political imbalances first.

Since ruling in September 2018, the government has only been able to address it by enacting a federal Budget and Law 2019 passed in January.

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